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Windsor Neighbourhood Plan

“We can effect change or be affected by change… the choice is ours.”

What is the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan?


The Windsor Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) is all about Windsor's future.


Here is a great video to explain what it's all about.



It is the community’s opportunity to have a greater say on the planning decisions made in our area over the next 10-15 years, which includes shaping and guiding how it will look and feel in terms of: choosing what new homes will be delivered, where they will be located and what they will look like; the kind of new retail and business development we should have; issues we care about such as green spaces and the environment; and strengthening the community by improving transport, community services, and leisure and recreational facilities. Together we can improve our community.


Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the RBWM Council’s Development Plan – making it a key part of deciding on planning applications.


The opportunity to produce our Neighbourhood Plan arises from the devolution of powers to Councils and communities in the Government’s 2011 Localism Act.


It is important to note that there are some limitations to Neighbourhood Plans, in that:

  • They must not conflict with national government policy - The National Planning Policy Framework
  • They must be compatible with the Borough Council’s major strategic plans and policies as laid down in the emerging Borough Local Plan
  • They must promote sustainable growth
  • They must be lawful, realistic and robust.


The Government has made it clear that growth must be delivered – just retaining what we have is not an option. There will also be a presumption in favour of development that is “sustainable”. Producing a Neighbourhood Plan will help to make sure that decisions on development and growth will be based on local views – on what the community wants.


The plan, when developed, will first be tested for conformity to national and local plans, and to ensure that it meets the basic conditions of NPs. The plan will then be put to a Referendum among voters in the local NP area. A majority of voters in favour of the plan means that it will then become part of planning law in Windsor, and will need to be taken into account by officials when deciding upon planning applications in the area.


For more information on Neighbourhood Plans, please visist the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenheads website pages on Neighbourhood Planning.


There is also a Business Neighbourhood Plan being prepared for Windsor Town Centre by the Windsor 2030 Forum. The WNP has no jurisdiction over the town centre area (see Map)Committee aims to work in partnership with this group with the objective produce a coherent plan for Windsor as a whole. See www.windsor2030.org for more information on the Town Centre plans.


News Update


Dec 17 th 2016


Thank you for all of you who responded to our Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) consultation which closed in November 2016. We have been reviewing all of the responses received and will report on the position in early 2017.


We now also have seen the draft RBWM Borough Local Plan (out for public consultation between 2nd Dec 2016 and 13 th Jan 2017) which is a crucial document for us. We are feeding our views back to RBWM on the BLP and at the same time doing the necessary work to ensure that our plan meets the basic conditions of general conformity with the BLP.


Also Windsor2030 (Central Windsor Business Neighbourhood Plan) is starting to emerge. We are also working to take this into account.


We hope to report back to the WNP Forum in early 2017 on the results of all of this work and produce a FINAL Draft WNP shortly thereafter.


Our sincere thanks go to all of our members and particularly our fantastic Committee - all volunteers - who are working so hard on doing our best for Windsor and aiming for a WNP Referendum in 2017.


Best wishes


John and Claire



The WNP is able to nominate Assets of Community Value, Local Green Spaces, and Non-designated Heritage Assets to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for consideration for "Local listing". If accepted by RBWM then these Assets have some protection against development.


Windsor Royal Theatre and Alexandra Gardens have already been nominated (by The Windsor & Eton Society) and accepted. The WNP will also be happy to nominate other assets that local people consider important if they meet the eligibility criteria. You can read more about these by clicking here.


Please complete the WNP Community Asset Nomination Form to suggest items to us for consideration. You must include your name and postcode. We will pass ones which are eligible on to RBWM.


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The best way to contact us and to learn more about the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan is to email info@windsorplan.org.uk or phone Claire Milne or John Bastow, Windsor Plan Co-Chairs on 07932 635580