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What is the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan?


The Windsor Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) is all about developing a shared vision for the neighbourhood and to decide where new developments should go and what they might look like.





Development of the WNP

The Windsor Neighbourhood Plan has been in development since 2014 and the emerging plan has been through several stages.

The Regulation 14 Statutory Consultation was held in 2016, and following that the plan has been redrafted, and subject to a "Healthcheck ". Now the necessary detailed work is being done to finalise the plan.

Watch this space for news on the next steps...….


Why do a Neighbourhood Plan?


The broad purpose of Neighbourhood Plans is to plan for sustainable development of the economy, society, and the environment within a Neighbourhood Plan area. Neighbourhood Plans can't stop development but they can help to shape it. It is the community’s opportunity to have a greater say on the planning decisions made in our area over the next 10-15 years. Here is a great video to explain what it's all about.









The plan, when developed, will first be tested for conformity to national and local plans, and to ensure that it meets the basic conditions of NPs. The plan will then be put to a Referendum among voters in the local NP area. A majority of voters in favour of the plan means that it will then become part of planning law in Windsor, and will need to be taken into account by officials when deciding upon planning applications in the area.


For more information on Neighbourhood Plans, please visit the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenheads website pages on Neighbourhood Planning.


There is also a Business Neighbourhood Plan being prepared for Windsor Town Centre by the Windsor 2030 Forum. The WNP has no jurisdiction over the town centre area (see Map) See www.windsor2030.org for more information on the Town Centre plans.













Forum meeting date Weds 14th November 2017. 7pm.

Venue Smiths Lane Baptist Church Dedworth.

News Update

NEWS UPDATE 17th October 2018


New Forum Meeting date Weds November 14th 7pm Venue. Smiths Lane Baptist Church, Dedworth.


This will be an important meeting to approve our second Pre-Submission Draft Plan. We look forward to seeing you there.


the WNP Committee


New Update May 2018


We want to keep you updated on progress since our last update on 8th February. As always lots is going on behind the scenes and although it might not always seem like it, we are working as fast as we can to get our WNP to completion!

Here are the highlights from the last few months:


•The new grant funds were received in February.


•We commissioned AECOM in early March to do the necessary Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment and to do a final redraft of policies.


•AECOM have now redrafted the policies and the committee has reviewed and agreed the final wording.


•Work is ongoing among the committee to revise design guides, maps, Appendices and delivery and implementation tables and evidence list appropriate to the final draft policies.


• Detailed work is ongoing concerning Open Spaces, ensuring that we have identified and categorised all of the Urban Open Spaces, and in particular identified Local Green Space.


•Website has been updated.


•AECOM has been working on the SEA process running concurrently with the policy redrafting work..


•The SEA Scoping report and consultation with statutory consultees completed in April.


•The SEA Identification of any reasonable alternatives to the policies is currently being done, prior to completion of the Environmental report


•The committee has reviewed and commented on the emerging BLP for the examination process


•Committee members will attend the BLP examination hearings 26th-28th June,


•Committee has attended RBWM planning policy meeting with Parishes/NPs regarding Infrastructure.


•Planning Applications throughout the area, (including Legoland and former the Alma Road/Imperial House) have been monitored and responded to.


•members responded to the Ward Boundary review


•GDPR privacy policy and mailing list has been updated and communicated


We are aiming to present the latest draft of the WNP to the Forum in July and give sufficient time to read it before meeting to discuss and approve it.We hope to be in touch very soon with a date for the next Forum meeting.

Best regards



WNP Committee 30/5/2018














The WNP is able to nominate Assets of Community Value, Local Green Spaces, and Non-designated Heritage Assets to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for consideration for "Local listing". If accepted by RBWM then these Assets have some protection against development.


Windsor Royal Theatre and Alexandra Gardens have already been nominated (by The Windsor & Eton Society) and accepted. The WNP will also be happy to nominate other assets that local people consider important if they meet the eligibility criteria. You can read more about these by clicking here.


Please complete the WNP Community Asset Nomination Form to suggest items to us for consideration. You must include your name and postcode. We will pass ones which are eligible on to RBWM.


Privacy Policy


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The best way to contact us and to learn more about the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan is to email info@windsorplan.org.uk or phone Claire Milne or John Bastow, Windsor Plan Co-Chairs on 07932 635580