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Windsor Neighbourhood Plan

Archived Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan (CWNP) Documents



CWNP Agenda & Minutes

Topic Groups

Business, Shopping & Tourism Topic Group


11 Sept 2013 Minutes

28 November 2013 Agenda

28 November 2013 Minutes

16 December 2013 Agenda

16 January 2014 Minutes


Transport Topic Group


Wednesday 27th November 2013 Minutes

Thursday 5th December 2013 Agenda

Thursday 9th January 2014 Minutes


Open Space Topic Group

18 June Minutes


Housing & Heritage Topic Group

18 February 2014


Draft Reports from Topic Groups

Business, Shopping & Tourism 15 March 2013


All Topic Groups

All Topic Groups - Key Issues 23 March 2013



Windsor Link Railway presentation




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The best way to contact us and to learn more about the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan is to email or phone Claire Milne or John Bastow, Windsor Plan Co-Chairs on 07932 635580