Our Vision and Objectives

VISION (Pre Submission)

The Vision Statement below was drawn up to act as a focus for our plan following numerous consultations which sought to understand the issues and improvements that people want to see, including through a major Vision Consultation sent to every household and business within the WNP area. It sums up how we believe people want to see the area develop.


Vision Statement

3.1 Future development in the WNP area will make Windsor more attractive and a better place to live. It will protect and enhance its character as part of the wider historic (market) and royal town of Windsor. The primarily suburban area should retain and enhance local heritage, while developing a living sustainable modern green and leafy urban environment for the future. It should cater well for the needs of residents, while balancing them with those of businesses and visitors. The Green Belt, Parks and Gardens should as far as possible be protected.

The WNP intends that by 2031

  1. The historic nature of the town and the overall setting and views of Windsor Castle and other landmarks have been maintained and enhanced through attractive new development that is sympathetic to its distinctive character and heritage.
  2. There is a green and leafy feel along the tree lined through roads and throughout the suburban area bringing nature in
  3. The Parks and Gardens and Green Belt surrounding the urban area are protected but accessible
  4. The suburban areas have been enhanced through attractive new developments which are well designed and sustain areas of special character and further create a sense of local character.
  5. The WNP area Windsor is a cohesive, diverse and family friendly community, with a mix of high quality housing with adequate and well-designed parking.
  6. It is a town where residents and visitors can move around easily and safely, and have easy access to the town centre and suburbs from the south and west using well linked safe and convenient underpasses, footpaths and cycle ways and sustainable transport.
  7. Residents of the WNP area enjoy easy access to good community and health facilities and essential shopping opportunities, including the improved local centre of Dedworth Road.
  8. There is a vibrant and diverse economy and sustainable facilities for business.
  9. There is a balance between the needs of residents, visitors and businesses.
  10. Green and open spaces and sports and leisure facilities are easily accessible and well equipped. Residents have easy access to The Great Park, Sutherland Grange and River including the Thames paths through a new foot bridge across the Thames.




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