10th November 2022

Gardners Green in Windsor is a wonderful open space that has been used by the Gardners Cottages houses which totally surround it for 150 years as a community and recreation space, and which the community has maintained for many years. This space has recently been put up for auction by its owners described as potential "development land".

The WNP designated Gardner Cottages and the space as a Non-Designated Heritage Asset, that is locally and historically important in the area, which must be taken into account if anyone applies for Planning Permission. We also understand that it also has rights of way across it and the surrounding cottages have rights of access to it as communal space.

The WNP STRONGLY OBJECTS to its description as development land. In our view it is highly unlikely that it is developable, and prospective buyers should be aware of its history and status.

We are advising the residents campaign accordingly.